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Dan Melgiovanni Photography
A professional wedding photographer with over 15 years experience. Dan is internationally recognised as one of the industry’s most influential, respected, and emulated figures and one of the most evocative wedding photographers. He is a master of shooting by available light. Dan’s work is defined by his love of composition and light; each image impeccably choreographed within the frame but without the subject ever being aware of the camera. He believes in quality over quantity and the power of a single image to tell a bigger story. He will  make your dream become true with the best possible experience to enjoy your wedding in style.

Style and Approach
Dan’s style is a fusion of creative photography, passion for storytelling and elegant images. It is unique and contemporary. His creative vision, natural style and talent combined with innate ability to make people confortable in front of the camera attract many of his clients. He specialises in capturing the moment with a candid, non-intrusive and natural approach to wedding photography. Dan’s motto is “ You do your wedding and I capture it”. The end result is a wedding album, which is exclusive and individual as you. Dan’s wide-ranging portfolio of work shows his natural ability and versatility. He treats each wedding individually with imagination and pure creativity.

Evocative, Emotional, Incredible. These are the words used by many of Dan’s clients to describe his approach to wedding photography. His work goes beyond conventional and offers the viewer a unique insight into those moments which define a wedding day. Each image is crafted with attention to light and composition and taken without the subject even being aware of his presence. There are no random snapshots or an impulse to stage or direct what is in front of the camera. What you get in a Dan’s image is completely authentic, sometimes complex, but always emotive and beautiful to look at.

Dan always covers each wedding with one other photographer from his team. It is quite unique within the wedding photography industry to find two photographers whose pictures sit side by side so harmoniously in terms of style and artistry, and yet are so different in content and vision. Dan’s images bring together geometry and rhythm, light and composition. His fascination with people is reflected in his multi-layered compositions which often contain humour and juxtaposition.

On a typical wedding day, Dan’s team will often start with the groom and his groomsmen getting ready while Dan covers the bride’s preparations. They photograph the ceremony together, but never from the same spot, and always, always discretely. After the ceremony, Dan likes to look for those moments which involve the bridal party and close family while his team concentrates on the relationships between the guests. Together they offer a wonderfully rounded and authentic coverage of the wedding day providing pictures which are not only be pleasing to the eye, but have content which evokes an emotional response from the viewer.

In 2000 Dan established his business with the aim of providing his clients with the very best documentary/modern wedding photography and exceptional customer service. Almost two decades and hundreds of weddings later, his wedding photography is recognised across the globe. Dan and his team have covered weddings both nationally and further afield; from 7 stars hotels in Dubai, to boutique hotels on the Amalfi Coast; from castles and stately homes in UK to the historic buildings of London. His assignments have taken Melgiovanni photography to shoot in France, Italy, India, Cyprus, Turkey, Scotland and all over England.

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